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Mom Hacks

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The Best Travel
​Snacks for Kids

I always pack a cooler and a big snack bag when we go on a road trip. It’s so much easier to stop at a picnic area to eat lunch or a snack then pulling off the road finding someplace to eat.

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Baby & Toddler
Packing List

I put together this amazing packing list help make sure I don't forget anything. Print it out and save it for your next trip, you will thank me.

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20 Travel Essentials
for Babies &

Anyone that has ever traveled with kids knows it’s never as much fun as you hope. With a lot of planning ahead and a little family fun, you can have a great road trip.

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Easter Basket Ideas
from the Dollare Store

I’ve put together my favourite ideas for your Easter all available at your local dollar store.

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DIY Walk Along
Stroller Handle

On a recent long weekend our family headed out for a hike along the local hiking/biking trails. It was the first beautiful long weekend here and the paths were packed with people. I had Isabel riding in the stroller and Oliver holding onto the side to make sure he stayed close and was safe from passing bicyclist. 

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Spring Cleaning
Checklist Printable

As the snow melts away and the sun starts to shine more and more, you begin to see those missed dusty spots and cobwebs in corners that have been hidden by the gloomy winter days. It's time to start the deep clean of your home in preparation for nice weather and long days spent outside.

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How to Keep Your
House Guest Ready

Keeping the house tidy is something that I struggle with on a daily basis, with a preschooler and a toddler running around things get messy fast. Most of my weekly housework is done before the kids get up or at nap time.

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Toddler Cold
​Survival Guide

This year we have been very lucky that our family hasn’t had many colds, but last it was a revolving door of snotty noses and coughing.
These are my favourite tips and products to get you through a toddler cold.

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Kids Top Netflix Shows

If your kids are like mine they love watching Netflix. I try to keep an eye on what type of programing they watching and if they are actually learning anything from it. 
After hours of going throught the long list of programs here is my top 10 Educational Kids Netflix Shows.

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