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February 11, 2017

10 Children’s book about the meaning of LOVE

 With Valentine’s Day right around the corner here is my top 10 children’s book that teaches children about the meaning of love!


Snuggle Puppy: a little love song

by Sandra Boynton

“Snuggle Puppy is a year-round valentine from parent to child. It is bright, chunky, a pleasure to hold, and has a die-cut cover that reveals a glimpse of the joy inside before it’s even opened. Best of all, it’s packed, of course, with pure Boynton: her inimitable language, her inimitable illustrations, her inimitable sense of fun.”


I Love You Through and Through

by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

“A rhyming story of unconditional love and adorable illustrations of a toddler and a teddy bear who declare “I love you through and through!”


I Love You Because You’re You 

by Liza Baker

“This poem about a Mama Fox’s unconditional love for her cub describes the many moods of all children-from happy to frightened, bashful to silly-and reassures them of parents’ abiding affection. Remarkable watercolour illustrations from David McPhail are the perfect complement to Liza Baker’s rhythmic, rhyming text.”


Guess How Much I Love You

by Sam McBratney

” Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop. But Big Nutbrown Hare, who can reach farther and hop higher, loves him back just as much. Well then Little Nutbrown Hare loves him right up to the moon, but that’s just halfway to Big Nutbrown Hare’s love for him.”


I Love You to the Moon and Back

by Amelia Hepworth

“The sun rises, and a bear and cub begin their day together. They splash in the water, climb mountains, and watch the shimmering sky. They show their love by touching noses, playing chase, and of course, hugging. A sweet, gentle rhyme, perfect for sharing with a special little one!”


Love You Forever

by Robert Munsch

“A young woman holds her newborn son and looks at him lovingly.Softly she sings to him:
“I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be.”

So begins the story that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide.”


How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

by Jane Yolen

“Parents and children can never find enough ways to say love you and now, America’s favorite dinosaurs are saying it in a very big way! Even when little dinosaurs are naughty, it’s important to remind them that no matter what they do, they are always loved. In this warm and engaging book, readers will laugh aloud as parents cope with the typical antics of childhood but in the end, hugs and kisses show how much they care.”


Llama Llama I Love You

by Anna Dewdney

“With short and simple rhyming text, the Llama Llama board books introduce Llama Llama to babies and toddlers before they’re ready for longer full-length stories. And their small size and durable pages are perfect for little hands.”


How Do I Love You? 

by Marion Dane Bauer

“A parent declares her love…as the bees love a flower, a duck loves a shower, a bird loves to sing, a bear loves the spring. Written by Newbery-award-winning author Marion Dane Bauer, inspired by the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning”


I Love You, Stinky Face

by Lisa McCourt

“As a mother lovingly tucks her child into bed, the imaginative child has a few questions. For instance, “what if I were an alligator with big, sharp teeth that could bite your head off?” This unstoppably devoted mother will have readers laughing out loud as replies to one question after another.”

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