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On a recent long weekend, our family headed out for a hike along the local hiking/biking trails. It was the first beautiful long weekend here and the paths were packed with people. I had my daughter riding in the stroller and son holding onto the side to make sure he stayed close and was safe from passing bicyclist. With Oliver so close to the stroller I ended running over his foot and tripping him, if that wasn’t bad enough when he fell down I ran over his face. Yup, that’s right I ran over the poor kids face. I felt awful, he was fine, no injuries just upset that his Mom tripped him and then ran over him. Not to mention he keeps telling people “Mommy ran over my FACE”. Got to love 3-year-olds.

This got me thinking of another way I could keep him close to me even when I have two hands a stroller. So I came up with a walk along handle for him to hold on and keep his feet clear from the stroller wheels.


Material List

1 inch ribbon, 20 inches in length

¼ inch elastic, 6 inches in length

Need and thread or sewing machine


Start out by first sewing the elastic into a loop. I hand sewed everything for this project since it was fairly simple and also every time I try and sit down at my sewing machine it seems like that’s the exact moment someone needs a snack.


Create a loop at one end of the ribbon around the elastic, sew in place.


Fold the other side of the ribbon over 6 inches and sew securely.


Loop onto the stroller with the elastic end.

This handle was super easy to make, I already had all the supplies on hand and I was able to sew it while I had a child sitting on my lap and another one wrapping the chair I was sitting in washi tape from an earlier craft.  Also, it can remain on the stroller when you fold it up and be easily removed to put on another stroller.

February 27, 2017
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