How To Wash Newborn Clothes

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Amilia Anderson, from an amazing review website, is here with us today talking about Newborn clothes and the best ways to wash them. Amilia is the creator and main voice behind, she spends countless hours researching products to bring you information on the best of the best.

If you have a newborn baby, you will find yourself doing a lot of laundry, which can be very time-consuming. Here are a few tips on how to wash newborn baby clothing.

How To Wash Newborn Clothes

There are a couple of things that you’ll need to check, the first thing is the labels of the baby clothes to see whether they are machine washable, dry clean only or flat dry. You will need a hamper for the clothes and a good detergent. There are a lot of detergents on the market that are actually marketed for babies but you need to look at the ingredients of all detergents before use first. Check the ingredients and in almost every case the shorter the list the better.

If you read the ingredients of the baby detergents you’ll find that they’re actually loaded with fragrances that make them smell like a baby. You need to choose a detergent that is with fewer ingredients and hopefully something that is biodegradable and good for the earth, these tend to rinse out better.

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A baby’s nervous system is still developing and so their skin is very sensitive, adding a lot of chemicals and fragrance is actually very harsh, particularly the fragrance. It will smell great to you but it’ll actually make baby more uncomfortable. Another thing that you may find helpful is having a wet bag in addition to your diaper hamper, have something that you would put your baby’s clothes in that is waterproof and washable.

If your baby spits up or tends to have leaks then this will contain that wetness. You will not have all of your laundry getting wet and it seeping on to other things in the room, and of course, it will contain any odors so depending on how often you’re washing, the wet bag might be a really good idea for baby’s wet clothes.

Most wet bags hang pretty easily on a doorknob or on a diaper changing post, somewhere convenient when you go to actually wash the clothes you will want to do if they have gotten heavily soiled then you’ll want to do a pre-wash or a rent cycle in cold water and that will agitate out those messes so that when you actually start the wash it will be washing in clean water.


Then you’ll add the detergent, if you’re using something that’s available at a supermarket it’s likely you’ll use about half the recommended amount. If you have a front loader or high-efficiency you’ll probably use about a quarter to a third the recommended amount, if you’re using a no residue detergent then you won’t need to adjust it as typically most of those have one, two or three tablespoons recommended amounts. So once you do the pre-wash in cold water, add your detergent. You will wash in either hot or cold, whichever is your preference and depending on the delicate nature of the clothes.

After that, you’ll probably want to dry it with a stackable washer dryer on low heat to protect the life of the clothing or sundry it for a nice low energy and outdoor smell to your clothes.

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The last bit of suggestion is if you’ve got a unique outfit that you like most and you want your baby to be wearing a lot, even if the label says it’s OK for the dryer, if it’s something that you want to last for a long time, I would suggest laying it flat to dry. Its help to keep the color correct for a longer period of time.

These are some good tips on washing your baby’s clothes and but of course consult your family physician if you have any concerns about the detergents.

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May 24, 2017
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