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August 16, 2017

How To Make a Simple Sensory Bin

One thing that my kids love to play with is our sensory bin. It’s a giant pain in the butt for me since my two-year-old gets most of it on the floor but they love it.  It not only entertains them but it helps with their creative thinking and fine-motor development.

Our sensory bin came to be one rainy morning, it had been several days of rain and too wet and cold to be outside and I was running low on craft supplies.  In desperation to occupy the kids long enough to put on the laundry, I dumped out a plastic bin that had toys in it and filled it with a bag of brown rice we had in the pantry and chucked in some plastic dinosaurs and said: “Look its place for your dinosaurs to live!!”

Well since that spring day it has evolved, the dinosaurs still live there but we have added other elements for creative play. Frist, I needed a larger bin so both kids play and have enough room, then we added black beans for rocks, scoops for hiding then digging up dinosaurs. We have also found acorns and beach shells over the summer and the kids love uncovering them.

When putting together your own sensory bin I recommend something that’s inexpensive to replace so if the kids get too carried away and some end up on the floor it’s not costing you a lot to add to the bin down the road.

Materials Needed:

Plastic Bin with lid for easy storage

Fillers: Rice, Beans, Lentils, Noodles, or Dry Corn




Things to dig up: Rocks, Shells, Acorns



Do you have a sensory bin? What kind of things do you use?


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