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October 28, 2017

Create Your Own Holiday Elf

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Create a Magical Elf with growing hair that kids can trim and style. This Elf is a fun craft for kids, not only is it fun to create your own elf but they learn to take care for a plant of there own. Dollar Tree is my favorite place to pick up craft supplies. They have a great selection at an affordable price.

Holiday Elf



Christmas Container or Plant Pot

Potting Soil

Grass Seed


Circles for eyes


Cut a 6-inch length of pantyhose, from the toe up.


Start filling with grass seed and potting soil, I stretched the pantyhose over a cup to start filling it. Once you get a bit of soil in then you can hold it in your hand and fill it.


Keep adding soil until it reaches the right size for your pot. As you fill keep shaping it into a ball, knot the pantyhose.


I placed a small plastic container inside my pot to give the head a little height.  I also left the head removable to remove any excess water in the pot.


For the face, I used puffy paints, the eyes I made out of stickable magnets that I just painted. After we did the craft I found the stick on eyes we got at the Dollar Tree, so we did one with them.


Water and watch your Elfs hair grow!


If you’re looking for some great holiday crafts, Dollar Tree has lots of great craft kits!




Christmas At The Tree: Everything is only $1

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  • ~Lee~

    This is adorable! I plan to try — with my little dragon mascot instead of an elf!

    March 15, 2018 at 10:38 am Reply
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