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March 14, 2018

Earn Easy Money in Your Spare Time

People will say there is no real way to make easy money online but I m here to tell you that you can.  I earn a regular income from my blog and from social media all from sponsored posts and affiliate sales.I know there are so many stay-at-home moms out there looking to earn any kind of income. These are ways that I have discovered that actually work.

Whats a Sponsored Post and how does it work?

A great way to make money blogging is a sponsored post, with a sponsored post you can receive a flat fee by writing a review or giving honest feedback for a product. How do you land a sponsored post? Most of the times you just need to ask, email companies that you would already use and love, pitching them a great idea for a post is a great way to land sponsorship.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales can be a fun way to earn money. The way they work is a company provides you with a specialized link to their website and when purchases are made through that link you earn a commission. The neat thing about affiliate sales is you pick the companies you want to work with and apply to their affiliate programs. Once accepted into the program you can use ads and text links on your site to generate sales.

How I earn an income online

My number one way to earn an income is through a company called ShareASale, why I love ShareASale is because it combines sponsored posts and affiliate sales. 

How it works:

Signing up is easy, by heading over to ShareASale you can register. I love looking over the list of merchants you can apply to. Once you find merchants that you feel will work with your brand go and apply. 

How to earn:

Start by placing banners or social media post to earn a commission. You can contact the company about a sponsored post idea. Many will send paid contact offers in their monthly newsletter. 

Apply for ShareASale Merchant Discovery Box to enjoy swag and other goodies from ShareASale merchants. The Merchant Discovery Box if offer 4 times a year and features ShareASale Merchants recommendations that are curated to suit your interests and blog content. 



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    Good stuff.
    Keep writing.

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