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May 31, 2018

Quick & Easy Bedroom Makeover – Baby to Big Kid

**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wallsauce.  All opinions are my own. 

One of the biggest milestones you go through with your child is when they transition from crib to a regular bed. It can be a big adjustment for everyone.  When my kids moved out of their cribs that baby theme decor didn’t seem to work anymore. They have also developed interests of their own, and that sweet baby theme is now old news for them. 


Once you have added a bigger bed there are a few changes you can make to the existing decor that can update for your growing child.


Add New Linens and Curtains

Source parents.comChanging bedding, curtains, and even the throw rug is a simple change that will help update the room without having to repaint.


Update Wall Art


Change any art in any existing frames, I changed out my son’s art by printing images and then hung them back in the same spot. 


Add a Wall Mural


This one of the coolest updates you can do for your child’s room. offers premium quality wall murals that applied to the wall similar to wallpaper. You can search over 1 million murals, and even customize them with your own favourite images.  I love this idea to create a unique space for your children.

Creating a personal space for your child that they can call their own is very important to encourage independence and development in a growing young mind. Choosing the perfect childrens wallpaper can help to personalise their bedroom or play area with artwork of something that they love. Our A-Z of childrens wallpaper categories covers anything that a child might love; from animals to sports!


Add a Reading Space

Kids love a space they can just hang out in. We this space by placing bookshelves low enough for the kids to reach and some overstuffed pillow to curl up in.


Add Extra Storage

More storage is something that is needed in all rooms. Adding a toy box is a great way to tuck away all the clutter that seems to emerge as your child ages.

Check out for more room inspiration

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