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May 30, 2018

Raining Outside? Craft Kits for Kids with Ann Williams Group

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Summer is just around the corner, which means summer vacation time! Now that the kids are almost out of school it’s time to start planning those summer activities. Outdoor activities are a no-brainer around here. My kids would live outside if I let them. All kids love going to the park, swimming, water balloon fights, sidewalk chalk and riding bikes. It’s those days when we are stuck inside that can be hard. 

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March 4, 2018

How to Make Recycled Crayons

Creating recycled crayons is a great way to teach your children the importance of reusing and recycling. It’s a fun way to get your children involved and also can be a great way of teaching colors.



Materials Needed:

  • Molds 
  • Wax crayons
  • Oven

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

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January 22, 2018

Epic! Online Books for Kids

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Screen time, if your parent is something you are always concerned about. How much is too much? What are my kids watching? Screen time can be a great thing for your child if you are researching and finding the right programs and apps that will educate and entertain your child.

Recently my family started using Epic!, an application that offers a digital library of over 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more.



Epic! Opens the Doors to a New World of Reading for Kids 12 and Under

Epic! provides an unlimited selection of eBooks that can be instantly discovered, read and shared with friends. Personalized for each individual reader, Epic! is the only place to access thousands of high quality, curated children’s books without the need to purchase or download them one by one. Beautifully designed for mobile and featuring fun, game-like elements, Epic! provides kids with a personal library they can take anywhere. In a world of unlimited screen time, Epic! is a smart alternative to games and videos. Epic! is available on all iOS and Android devices.”

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October 28, 2017

Create Your Own Holiday Elf

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Create a Magical Elf with growing hair that kids can trim and style. This Elf is a fun craft for kids, not only is it fun to create your own elf but they learn to take care for a plant of there own. Dollar Tree is my favorite place to pick up craft supplies. They have a great selection at an affordable price.

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October 16, 2017

Making The Most Out Of Screen Time: Educational Apps For Kids

These days screen time for kids is hard to avoid. You try your best as a parent to keep your kids occupied and provide them with fun activities and ways to challenge there imagination. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself, that’s when you hand over the tablet.

I know myself as a work from home Mom that it really does help get that 30 minutes I need to get some work done. Screen time doesn’t always have to be bad. I’ve put together my favorite apps that are educational and fun for kids.

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